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Sample Testing Services
Abellon Agrisciences provides sample test services for irrigation water, soil and fertrilizers.
Irrigation water :

Testing irrigation water provides information on factors affecting soil and plant quality as well as the performance of irrigation system. Among the most important factors of concern to farmers are pH, bicarbonates/carbonates, concentrations of soluble salts (electrical conductivity and total dissolved solids), sodium, relative concentrations of sodium to calcium and magnesium, and concentrations of potentially plant-damaging elements such as chloride and boron. Irrigation water also contains plant nutrients in varying concentrations. Depending on the amounts present, nutrients can influence fertility programs and have an environmental impact on surface and groundwater.
Soil Analysis:
Soils constantly undergo change. The soil test is an important measure of the soil's ability to supply nutrient elements needed for optimum plant growth. The quantity and availability of plant nutrient elements in the soil changes as a result of removal by the growing or harvested crop, leaching, erosion, or the addition of fertilizer, manure or compost. The soil test reveals the current fertility status and provides the information necessary to maintain the optimum fertility conditions for the plants to grow.
Fertilizer Analysis:
Plants need soil, sun, water and nutrients in the form of fertilizer to grow. The nutrients can also be taken from air and soil.Soil deprived of nutrients limits the growth of plants and reduced the crop yield. Fertilizers are needed to obtain high yields because they supply crops with the nutrients the soil lacks. Fertilizer testing along with soil should be part of an integrated programme of good agricultural practices in order to balance organic and inorganic micro and macro nutrients in soil to improve crop production.