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About Us
Agriculture is the backbone of the Indian economy. Nearly 60% of the country’s population is dependent on agriculture for its livelihood. Therefore, a vibrant and progressive agricultural sector is important to the overall growth and progress of the Indian economy.

Abellon Agrisciences is a part of Abellon Group, which mainly operates in the domains of clean energy and sustainable agriculture. Abellon Agrisciences aims at achieving a transformation in the current agricultural scenario through a long-term sustainability led approach. Abellon’s model of sustainable agriculture is based on certain key principles including...
No conflict between food, fodder, fiber and fuel
Enhancing yield and productivity by promoting progressive agricultural practices
Creating a sustainable and inclusive growth model involving farmers, experts and the government, leading to larger social change and progress
Supporting the cause of a 'Clean and Green Environment'
In its endeavor to promote ecologically sustainable agriculture, Abellon emphasizes on research, education and policy interventions, with a specific focus on..
Applied Crop Sciences including tissue culture, plant genomics, study of plant growth hormones and regulators, experimental trials with various species, improved methods of applying fungicides and pesticides as well as efficient agronomy practices.
Applied Soil Sciences including issues like soil enrichment, soil nutrients and balancing, reduction of salinity, balancing acid and alkali, pH balancing, TDS reduction, maximum yield as well as optimum utilization of the available land.
Technological interventions, R&D for better agronomy practices
Generating Value from Waste
Conservation of natural resources and environment